ShiftLeft refers to the process of looking for solutions that are one degree simpler — and often one step faster. Sometimes the best solution is to actually take some functionality or data away. Overly complex systems and superfluous data do nothing but take your eye off of what’s truly important.

Imagine a graph. Imagine that it represents your company’s performance over the last 12 quarters. Where does your eye go? Often we look to the end point and make conclusions before understanding what got us there. ShiftLeft. Look at what came before, and begin to ask HOW and WHY. Don’t rush to launch new programs or implement new software solutions. Step back and understand the context. ShiftLeft.

At ShiftLeft we’re technologists, not computer geeks. OK. We’re computer geeks too. But anyone can implement software. ShiftLeft focuses on process before product. We won’t implement something you don’t need. Instead we help you find what you do. We know you want a forward-looking partner who can help you develop a strategy which anticipates evolving technology and user expectations. ShiftLeft does both. Our projects in Europe, Asia and throughout the U.S. have yielded a truly global perspective on technology.

Growth requires change. It forces change. And that can be disruptive (especially if you resist it). We work with companies to determine which systems can be scaled up, which need to be retooled and which should be scrapped altogether.

Doing nothing – that is, keeping the same business processes and systems in place – will result in missed opportunities for growth (opportunities that may not return). More often than not, doing nothing means your business will shrink. Over time, old approaches, processes and systems produce smaller and smaller yields. It’s the law of entropy.

Proactively manage your business’s growth. Retool and simplify core processes. Accelerate out of your stage on the growth model . . . and into the next.